Different Types Of Bull Bars

Different Types Of Bull Bars

Many people renovate their cars and trucks. Adding bull bars to your cars and trucks is one way to modify them. The word renovate means to modify. The renovation of a mostly takes five to six hours. Bull bars are named so because of their nature. They are usually added in front of a car or a vehicle. They are shaped like a bull’s horns and this gives them their name. Most bull bars are cylindrical and curved in shape. They are bent in a way that they resemble the horns of a bull. A bull is an aggressive animal. Aggression and power are the most common features associated with bull bars. This is why so many people are fond of using bull bars on their trucks and cars. Some people even use bull bar on their bikes and cycles. The popularity of bull bars is not limited to trucks and cars, by any means. People with all sorts of vehicles use bull bars. They serve a lot of different purposes. Their main role is of a defensive nature. They have multiple secondary roles.

Adding the bull bars:

The bull bars are usually fused to the body of the truck. They are often attached using welding or another similar technique. Welding involves heating the bull bars to a very high temperature. Heating the bull bars to a very high temperature melts them up. This allows you to attach them to the body of the vehicle. This technique can be used to affix them to the body of the truck permanently. Bull bars attached to cars of trucks using welding are a permanent addition. They cannot be removed later on. You should check the welded bull bars for repairs every two to three months or so.

Increased security:

Bull bars provide increased security to the vehicles. They reduce the amount of damage to a vehicle in case of an accident. They can save a vehicle from complete or partial destruction in the case of a severe accident. The main role or bull bars is as shock absorbers. They absorb the impact of a shock in the case of an accident. They are fitted with shock absorbers at their base.

Bull bars can also be fixed using screws and bolts. Most bull bars are fitted using screws and bolts these days. A frame is fitted onto the body of the truck for this reason. This frame has holes for drilling in several bolts at a time. The bolts can be drilled into these holes. The bolts used for this reason are three to four inches long. They are made of solid steel and are very firm. They need to be very firm and should not break in the case of impact.