Old Ear Candle Treatment As Per Science

Old Ear Candle Treatment As Per Science

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In the age of science and technology where scientist makes progress in the field of medicine where some people works on the old terms which may be dangerous and hazardous to the people. One of the treatments is the ear candles for sale technique. It is a technique that is used to treat the disease named Tinnitus. It provokes the perception of noisy sounds in the ear. Nearly 15-20% of people may suffer from this disease. It a symptom of ear injury, related to hearing loss or maybe a circulatory disorder. It was thought that hear loss can be cured by removing the extra wax from the ear. Ear candle treated by putting a blind end of the candle in the ear that is narrow in size so that can enter in the ear canal made up of linen or muslin, these were soaked in paraffin or beeswax. When the candle is fixed in the outer ear candle is burnt by the host and after some seconds the flamed part is cut by them.  The distance between the ear and the candle range from 2- 4 inches. To prevent the drop of flash the aluminium coil is placed with the candle. The heated linen or muslin candle softens the candle wax and acts as a decongestant. The blocked ear wax starts to stick to the candle. This treatment requires ten minutes but this practice is not showing good results. Proponents argued that the flame of the candle has a negative effect on the debris and wax of the ear and it is drawn from the ear as black residue. Ear candle is a non-effective technique. Ear candling is highly associated with ear injuries and continuously discouraged by the doctors.

Eye Patches:

In general, an eye patch is a small piece of the polymer comprised of hydro-gel. Hydrogel eye patches are also used as the eye masks during sleep or ear candle can provide moisture to the eyes. The sale of eye patches is very popular with regards to treatment. These are the polymer gel prevents the cornea from drying up. This is used to close the eyelid when a person suffers from a road accident and his eye at the risk of loss of sight, it works as a barrier from any chemical reaction, trauma or another severe injury. Ear candle provides pressure to the eyelid which suppresses the cornea and gives it time for setting off arterioles.

In the case of children, eye patches sale is also used to treat Amblyopia. Ear candle is a disease in which the child suffers from sight disorder. The brain of the patient does not memorize the eye vision from one eye and sometimes from the second, otherwise he can see normal. This disease is treated by an eye patch that indulges the brain to get input only from one eye and can child can see things clearly from the weaker eye without any difficulty. The patching of the dominant eye.For more information please click here.